The CW Strategies is the leading 
TikTok agency in Jackson Hole

"TikTok has become the fastest-growing social media platform of the decade."
- Roger Patterson, CEO Later

What We Do


Establish your online presence and create a meaningful connection with your targeted audience.


Build a campaign strategy to build grassroots excitement and momentum for your issue or brand.

Launch Products

Reach a wider audience faster and easier with authentic, relatable content that drives action. 

Video Content is King.

TikTok is where the attention is today.

TikTok videos are shared and repurposed 
more than any other form of content on social media.

TikTok continues to grow in popularity. 
We can help you save time, money, and energy.
Social Power
drive engagement, build awareness, gain revenue

TikTok rewards creativity, consistency, and authenticity

Users do not want content that looks like Instagram or Facebook.

TikTok is still early in growth.
90% of users are on android devices
#1 downloaded app globally
average user spends over 80min per day *checking multiple times/day
more than 1Billion monthly active users

users are more engaged on TikTok than other platforms

Instagram influencers have 1.21% engagement rate
YouTube influencers have a .037% engagement rate
TikTok influencers ahvea 35% engagement rate
CW strategies

Why Businesses are Scared of TikTok

Because you can't buy your views.
You can't pay other people to grow your following (influencers).

You need to create consistently good content at scale.
Need to create organically on your own page.

Businesses and brands don't know how to create video content for TikTok.
TikTok's audience is far more engaged than other platforms and expect entertaining or educational content that catches their attention. 

TikTok is not just an app with teens dancing.
It is the fastest-growing social media platform 
with every demographic represented.


Our Approach Is Unique

We work to effectively communicate your vision and ensure 
it is aligned with your mission.

Our goal is to expand your reach, explain your message, target the 
right audience, and build support from the ground up. 

By targeting the audience who needs your solution we are able 
to create interest, increase your list, and grow your business.

Why You Need A TikTok Strategy

Be Relatable

Growth Potential

Increase Sales

Every business needs to be on TikTok.
If you are not on TikTok then you run the risk of being left behind.

Your Brand is more than your Logo and Tag Line.

My Story

Bridget Brady is a leading brand strategist, social media ninja, entrepreneur coach, and author. She learned the techniques and skills to hone a message, target the right audience, and grow a following during her 10+ years running political campaigns.

Bridget takes the same grassroots enthusiasm to every client's marketing campaign. She is passionate about helping businesses thrive online.

Bridget has become the leading TikTok strategist and has helped entrepreneurs and brands effectively use the power of the app to grow quickly.

We create a personalized plan to reach your strategic goals.
We are passionate about what we do and committed to your success.

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